To whom it may concern:

People love helping others and that’s what makes us human, but sometimes helping others can be challenging. Recognizing this reality, The Ant List was created to give people the opportunity to help others within their community.

Giving back

Created out of the vision of helping others, The Ant List was created to help communities give back by using its online community directory to help those in need. By simply using the online directory you will be giving back to your community.

Your contribution

Simply advertise your garage and other items for sale using The Ant List free online directory service and you will be helping others in need. Every time you use the service you are giving back to your community.


You will benefit from the sale of your online items. No monetary contributions are necessary. Your giving is simply taking the time to post at least one item online for sale, or as a giveaway item. The profit is yours for the sale of your items.

How does it work?

Each time you use the online directory, you are providing us the funding we need to help others financially. Our vision is to provide for the less fortunate. Some of our community members may need surgery to save their lives, others may need medical equipment to improve their lives while others may have other needs met. Each time you visit or use the site you are giving back to your community.

Help someone today

You have the power to help someone today, help use a business born out of the desire to help others. We need your support to help build communities, to help those in need, and to help sop sufferings.


President and founder

Kevin Simpson